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Julie & Julia

Nothing makes my day more than receiving a handwritten note in the mail. The fact that it came from an 8 year old not only touched me but makes me hopeful that our future is most definitely in good hands. Julia Schillaci is the young founder of Soap Prizes and the daughter of my friend, ...

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Groundhogs and Chicks: Hell No-It Won’t Snow!

To say it’s been an unusual winter is certainly an understatement. Sixty degree days followed by plummeting temps and high winds. Back to fifty degrees the following week. No snow to speak of. Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early Spring and….well… the critter should be shot… that’s all I’m sayin’. The forecast this week calls for ...

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And the Winner Is….. Champagne, Chocolate & Shoes!

Question: What do tonight’s Oscars and Must Love Shoes now have in common? Answer: Zoe’s Chocolates! This afternoon we toasted a new chapter in the Must Love Shoes journey with champagne, chocolate, and some fabulous shoes, with an important announcement: Must Love Shoes is on the move! On October 4th ,5th, and 6th of this ...

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Lenten Photo Challenge: Kale by any other name is still Kale!

I am not a quitter! In my quest to add a greater variety of vegetables to my diet, I have been experimenting with root vegetables as well as kale. I’ve tried two times to make kale chips! Blecch! My friends rave about how much they love them and how easy they are to make. (Personally ...

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Lenten Photo Challenge: Room with a View

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” Leonardo da Vinci I’ve spent the entire evening in my office preparing for a training session I’m presenting tomorrow afternoon. If I worked anywhere else, I ...

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Lenten Photo Challenge: Soup’s On!

Tonight Dan and I are going to a friend’s house for dinner. We’re taking Seafood Soup. Think I made enough? Bon Appetit! Share on Facebook

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Lenten Photo Challenge: “All it takes is all you got.”

“All it takes is all you got.” Marc Davis This morning was an Achieve Fitness morning. Trainer Rick was putting us through another series of new drill sequences. Some days I feel strong… audacious almost. Today, not so much. But I gave all that was in me. And today, that was enough. For all of ...

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Cards, Flowers, and Peach Pits: Not Your Typical Valentine Message

My husband and I are a bit competitive when it comes to exchanging cards. Each thinks they give the best cards so every Valentine’s Day we engage in a little friendly competitive banter about who wins. His are always more expensive. I know!! Shocking that a woman wouldn’t pick out the pricey one, huh? I ...

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Lenten Photo Challenge: Unexpected Gifts

Last fall I took on a 30 Day Photo Challenge which inspired me to look for the extraordinary in my ordinary life. With the Lenten season officially upon us, I am beginning again. One photo a day during Lent. The task at hand? To be more mindful of those unexpected gifts we receive every day ...

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What Cycle United Taught Me about Serving Others

Yesterday I participated in Cycle United, a major fundraiser for the United Way of Washington County. As a new member of the board I was looking forward to volunteering for the event, which I thought would involve helping with registration. Imagine my surprise to learn that the board had a team and that I, during ...