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Living in the Season

“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each. Let them be your own diet, drink, and botanical medicines.”   Henry David Thoreau   I’ve never been a big fan of Winter. Well…. I like parts of Winter. I love […]

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The Day After Thanksgiving – In it to Minute!

Yesterday was the Superbowl of Gluttony for me. To be quite blunt about it, if consumption of food were equated to sex, I was a  ‘ho. “The morning after” is always filled with remorse for me. On some level I must have known I was going to be a food floozy so last week I […]

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Must Love Shoes: Thanksgiving Gifts

“I wish that life should not be cheap, but sacred….the days to be as centuries, loaded fragrant.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson The menu was the same. It’s always the same. The apples fragrantly baked in its antique-brown stoneware dish exactly as it has for the past 39 years I have spent Thanksgiving with my in-laws. The framed pictures that tell our extended family’s story […]

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Must Love Shoes: All we Need is Grace

I needed to run a few errands this morning on my way out of town. Errands!  On the day before Thanksgiving! On a hectic, busy, people-are-already-stressed-to-the-max- day-before- Thanksgiving! On the busiest travel day of the year! I must admit, I had a bit of an edge about me as I walked into Home Depot. “This is […]

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Dancing the Tide: A Mother’s Advice for Letting Go

My husband and I just returned from a week at the beach. Since we are empty nesters we love the week leading up to Labor Day because school is in session and we practically have the beach all to ourselves. Our vacation time is a bit slower and more relaxed than it was when we […]

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Soles of Love in the Garden: It’s a Wrap!

“More grows in the garden than the gardener sows.”…Old Spanish Proverb Sometimes the words just don’t flow. When I was a new speaker and writer, this frustrated me. But now, I understand it and find myself more accepting of the pause. Sometimes there are no words because the heart wants the savor the moment and […]

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Soles of Love in the Garden: A Letter that Will Touch Your Heart

Today, three pairs of beautiful shoes arrived in the mail. I was expecting them because a few days ago I received a note from a friend that not only touched my heart, but made me cry. Her note captured the spirit behind the “Soles of Love in the Garden” charity effort. It is about paying […]

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Soles of Love in the Garden: Meet “Kitten” Sponsor Three Old Souls

It’s only fitting that Heather Bodner of Three Old Souls Graphic Design firm would be a corporate sponsor for “Soles of Love in the Garden.” She understands soul, regardless of how it is spelled. She is a little woman with the heartiest laugh, and I knew not only that we would be friends upon meeting […]

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Soles of Love in the Garden- Meet “Wedge” Sponsor: Little J Creations

She may be only 4 ft. 6 inches tall, weighing in at sixty pounds, but nine year old Julia Schillaci already embodies the spirit of a “Must Love Shoes” woman. She’s smart, feisty, creative, and driven. You don’t often hear people describe nine-year-olds as driven, but while other kids her age were watching the Cartoon […]

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Soles of Love in the Garden: Meet Platform Sponsor “Flourish…..Simply Wealth.”

When you meet Jullie Caniford of Flourish…Simply Wealth the night of the Garden Party, you have my permission to call her “Double-L.” Once you meet her, you will know why her parents put TWO l’s in her name instead of just one because she is double the fun of an ordinary Julie. And so I […]